2017 was a great, creative year for de stijl, and a super hard year for me personally.  Its ups and downs also accelerated future plans, and prompted me to set up a place to create in California sooner, allowing me to spend more time with kids and grandkids now, and forcing me to decrease the size of my workspace here in Texas.

I considered leaning harder on Dameon and Christina during my anticipated periods of absence as an option, but they too wanted to focus more on their studio practices.

So, we contemplated other ways of doing things and ultimately decided not to continue running the gallery.  We promise it wasn’t an easy decision!  I want to thank Dameon and Christina for everything they have done.  They are the best!

We also want to thank everyone who supported us, friends and fellow artists who helped, those who came to our openings and talks, the fabulous collectors who supported our business, and especially the artists we showcased.  We also owe thanks to all the amazing people who helped us produce our catalogs.  

Of course, we won’t regret our investment in supporting the arts.  At the outset we had hoped to continue this for a much longer time.  Those curve balls, though!

Our workshop space has been leased to four local artists.  We will introduce them to you in the near future.  The gallery space will go on the market soon.

We promise to stay in touch!

Marja Spearman
de stijl | PODIUM FOR ART


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