you i i i everything else

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Exhibit: 7 October - 16 December, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday 7 October, 2017 from 7:00 - 10:00pm


de stijl | PODIUM FOR ART is pleased to present “you i i i everything else” an immersive, collaborative body of work by artists Elizabeth McDonald Schwaiger and Seth Orion Schwaiger.

The artists exploit the original function of the gallery building, a modest bungalow, and create a domestic environment, a painting-filled home, a hypothetical household that reflects our current anxious times.

Furniture pieces are functional, but off-kilter. Household features and technology are ersatz and jerry-rigged. A computer has a keyboard made of acrostic gemstones, and a fireplace is actually a painting, the canvas leaning against the site of a walled-over functional counterpart. On the walls, large expressive paintings depict shadowy scenarios.

The couple, who are married, live and work in Austin, Texas. For “you i i i everything else” both artists worked on each piece of art, sometimes painting side by side on the same canvas.

Both approach their individual practices by marshaling information from a vast array of historical and intellectual subjects. Human behavioral science, psychological theory, geo-political power structures, scientific and technological experiments, and the history of art and of science are just some of the subjects both artists mine and explore.

Primarily a painter, Elizabeth McDonald Schwaiger (b. 1985), incorporates sculpture and other media in her practice often presenting her work as a complex series. Her art has been exhibited in London, Glasgow, New York, Berlin, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin among other cities. McDonald Schwaiger is a three-time finalist for the Huntington Art Prize. Her 2015 solo exhibit “I Only Know Plenty” netted the Austin Critics’ Table Award for best solo exhibit. She earned a BFA at the University of North Texas and an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art.

Seth Orion Schwaiger (b. 1984) is a sculptor who employs a wide range of material in his work, often incorporating video, photography, drawing and performance and frequently involving architectural interventions with the gallery space itself. In his most recent work he has created entire environments that challenge viewers psychological and cognitive sense of place and space. Schwaiger’s artwork has been exhibited in Glasgow, London, Zurich, Berlin, New York, San Antonio and Austin, among other cities. In addition to his artistic practice he is an active critic and curator, having organized exhibits in Austin, San Antonio, Laramie, Glasgow, and Miami. He earned his BFA at the University of Wyoming and an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art.

“you i i i everything else” will be accompanied by an illustrated catalog with text written by art critic Jeanne Claire van Ryzin.

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